Friday, 19 June 2009

The dust settles on 1.3

So with 1.3 out there appears to be few bugs lurking around. It's expected, but still baffles me as to why things that haven't been touched in the patch notes should all of a sudden not work properly (or at all). What Mythic and GOA are at least doing this time though is openly posting bugs they know about and what is fixed, what is due to be fixed and what they're looking into.


This is making the bug fix process much more visible and does give more confidence than before (even though I knew they were fixing bugs, I couldn't see them do it...)

So what else in 1.3 then? They fixed the dismounting in IC (yay!), more talismans (yay!), crafting and currency bags (yay-yay!). So far I like it and have no direct grumps regarding it, they may also be looking into actually fixing WAAAAGH! for Black Orcs.

The live event is a bit... meh... Not really getting into it and don't feel any sense of personal achievement in it, they should have stuck to the influence system for it.

Overall though, it's a major step up and with the number of bugs that slipped into the patch I'm glad the combat and career changes didn't take place as well. Now we just have to sit back and see what happens...