Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New RR81 Black Orc Weapons

On the latest PTS build the RR81 weapons are available. These require royal insignias and open up the doomflayer.

One handed equipment costs 730 Captain Emblems and 430 Royal Insignias, the two handers cost 1460 Captain Emblems and 860 Royal Insignias. Though keep in mind you can buy the bauble of Vice (trophy) as soon as you get 430 Royal Insignias so you don't (currently) need to wait until you're RR81.

To note one thing though, the two hander DPS is currently out of whack, it's around the same level as Invader so it's likely a bug since the other items are in line with slightly above royal

Edit: Two handers now have 112.6 dps