Monday, 30 August 2010

Again, making Black Orcs da biggest again.

Someone sneakily asked in the RvR pack Q&A about Black Orcs getting bigger again and got the following response by Andy at Mythic.

"Appalled wrote...

Thanks for the thread Andy, I have one question and one only that keeps me awake at night;

Will the Black Orc be the size of an enraged Choppa by the time this RvR pack comes out? If not, have MYTHIC begun to put serious consideration in to this community request so that we are in accordance with the lore? (Get what I did there? :P)"

I've been trying to convince the Art/Production team to do this for over a year now. I'll keep hammering away at them.
I also just noticed on Erknuffels blog he asked the same question when getting a chance to speak to the devs at Gamescom

Erdknuffel: Do you have any plans on making the Black Orc da biggest Orc again?

Andy: Well if it’s up to me: yeah, because that’s something I’m constantly bugging these guys about. So Carrie, the community really wants for the Black Orc to be the biggest Orc, because it matches the lore.

Carrie: I think we can look into that.

The hope is still alive fellow Black Orcs! Don't let our Waaaagh go un noticed!

I've also updated the original request post with the new Bioware site instead of the GOA and old Mythic forum stuff

Also feel free to post your support on a fantastic YouTube video that was made @

Alternatively, if you have a blog or website and you'd like to support our plea then pelase rip my "Supportin' Black Orcs" tag to the right there and post it somewhere