Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Oooh 1.2 confirmed for tomorrow for Europe

From WAR-Europe.com

"Patch 1.2 is going Live Wednesday morning and we'll be doing the usual patch process; we’ll bring our servers offline at 08:00 CET and expect it to be finished by noon. This is a behemoth of a patch and we really recommend you to have a read and see what’s in store for you. We're including the highlights below and will post the full notes tomorrow."

Gud luk ladz!

Mmmmm Gud - review

Well onto my first review of the five things I really enjoy in WAR right now. These will change from week to week, though some might hold fond memories for a long time.

1) Fixes, tweaks and polishing in 1.2
ANY MMO that admits it has 500 bugs fixed in a patch is getting a thumbs up from me. These are the little things that just don't sit right with you, whether it's the horrible game breaking bugs (ermm... can't think of any) or the simple things that just annoy and make the game look like it's in beta (stuck animations). Anything that improves this game and establishes it firmly in the MMO world is a great start and worthy of a thank you for still polishing the game up for us rather than leaving it half broken at points.

2) WAR Darkness Falls
Now I did play DAoC for a while (Excalibur - Midgard (Savage, Thane and Bonedancer) but didn't do all that much in DF due to it being a quiet place when I was playing. But the actual concept is great, a dungeon based rvr lake with tokens to save for rewards, interesting monsters, good story lines and a back and forth mechanic. Question is, will this drag players from the ORvR lakes?

3) Continual open RvR in the lakes
A clash of arms. Destruction meeting Order in the fields of war, corpses lying, explosions going off and a stunty trying to bite yer kneecaps off as you kick him in the noggin'. Brilliant stuff. The battles featuring sides for an extended period is the stuff I live for in the game. Not RvBO or RvKeep. The proper battles that last in for hours as sides struggle to match each other and don't simply zone hop or log out when they start getting beaten back. That.. is WAR!

4) New potions in 1.2
An addition to crafting is always fun for me. I do enjoy just playing about with things when not in a particularly bashing mood or I have a bit of lag, so being able to make new potions (which last through death.. yippee!) and discover new things is good fun. Now to get them to allow us to discover new almost unique potions upon a critical success on a high end pot...

5) Exploring!
To be able to stand in places of lore, to look down upon a battle field, to just walk through a blizzard or squelch through the marshes. WAR is a great game for the explorer in you. Even better when you sometimes have to struggle past an enemy camp to see things on the other side. And of course, sometimes, you get that little ping as you unlock a new tome entry, made all the more satisfying when you do it without aid and just your own sense of exploration

So that's my top five MMmm Gud! for this week. What's yours?

So.. Dis 'ere is me thinking rock?

Well welcome once again to Mmmmm Gud. If you're just new here, or more likely just discovered this a year after this first post then the reason it's a welcome again is that I managed to delete all my old posts (well all three of them) and couldn't get them back.

The website is really just an outlet for me to rant, discuss and propose things for Warhammer Online. I'm firmly of the belief that should you have an issue with a game, then propose a solution or a better method, so needless to say I will be spewing what rubbish comes from my head at any given time.

At this time I've got a few regular features planned. A review of the things I really like in WAR right now (Mmmm Gud) and then the things that are really annoying me right now (Dat 'Urtz!). I'll also be joining the community project thingy on Warhammer Alliance so hope to find a new blog each week to promote for the game.

Well that's the intro done... Onto the first post...