Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Snotling love

Well they released the first set of WAR Microtransactions. Ok, got a Snotling pet and they're seriously cool items. They might be a bit buggy with not moving on other players screens but I'm sure that will be fixed. Hopefully these are just test items and we will start to see more and more things such as these (GIEF WYVERN!). I don't mind spending a few quid on them, it's a hobby, I've spent more on something for a hobby which is a lot worse so meh :P

Anyway, here's Lokax and Tat the Snotling :) (only one person that reads the blog will get the reference... /cheer L)

Quick summary of Borc changes in the 1.4 notes

So the patch notes are now up. I'll quickly summarise any changes that affect Black Orcs for ease of reading:

As you can see, Black Orcs didn't even need a tool tip change this time, we didn't get any item changes and certainly no ability tweaks which is a bit disappointing for potentially the biggest WAR patch yet. Oh well, there's always 1.4.1 but at least we know we're balanced.