Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Quick summary of Borc changes in the 1.4 notes

So the patch notes are now up. I'll quickly summarise any changes that affect Black Orcs for ease of reading:

As you can see, Black Orcs didn't even need a tool tip change this time, we didn't get any item changes and certainly no ability tweaks which is a bit disappointing for potentially the biggest WAR patch yet. Oh well, there's always 1.4.1 but at least we know we're balanced.

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  1. Relax, read the notes. Several classes got nothing. Marauders got a small but nice increase, Lions also got a tiny upgrade, some others got bugfixes, Engineer and Magus got, hmm... the word for that is very much *censored*.

    So, honestly, when reading the balance changes here, any class which got no change or "upgrade" in this patch is a clear winner.