Friday, 15 January 2010

What can we expect in 1.3.4 ?

This week we've started to see information filter through a bout 1.3.4 so I figured I would make a quick post looking over what we can possibly expect. Of course, all of this is subject to change and a lot is just my own personal opinion.

Expected PTS and Live date?
According to Werit the PTS MAY be up for 1.3.4 in early February. Meaning it's likely then we'd get 1.3.4 on live at the end of February, although I believe it's more likely to be the first couple of weeks in Feb it goes onto the PTS then early March we see it on live.

What can we expect from the patch?
Bug Fixes seem to be the popular choice. We can also expect more than just a handful of fixes to the ever present bugs. So what else? My safe bet is the addition of weapons and cloaks to the RvR loot. I also think we'll see the scenario structure changes. Anything bigger will be in 1.4. The only other possibility might be the start of the economy restructure driven by the South Korean launch (they have mentioned in the past that the Korean market enjoys a well created and playable economy).

Big Un or Little Un?
Hard to tell right now, I'd expect it to be a small to medium sized update to get us started in the new year (keep in mind a lot of development work will have been shut down for the winter holiday) and I'm sure they'd like to get something out to pacify us as well as fix the bugs. I expect the one after 1.3.4 to be a biggy but don't expect miracles in the next patch.