Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mythic.. Seriously sort the European servers out.


I mean.. Really.... HOW?

What is so different with the European servers that are causing people to crash to character select screen upon changing zones. Currently I'm in a little premade of three people and for the last 90 minutes we've not managed a single scenario together without at least one person crashing out. This is the first time I've really played in three weeks so was looking forward to a good night of smush.

I know I'm not paying for the sub right now (because you won't let me since you don't have the account system setup for us) but I'm still an active subscriber. There is something seriously wrong with the servers. This is pretty much proving that the new servers are sub par that you gave us.

Apparently the free time ends soon (21st ish) and there's been little to no information from Mythic barring a "we're looking into it" and an emergency maintenance during peak time which took the server down for 6 hours or something stupid. Add to this that normal Wednesday maintenance now lasts until 6pm and you can tell see that we're starting to get a little pissed off.

There was a perfect opportunity to show former players over here how well you've done with the game but you've seriously dropped the ball, in fact it's dropped onto a big spiky pit and is actually deflating as I read about more and more European players just pissed off with the whole thing and wont be subbing when the free time runs out. Time to get your act together Mythic, communicate more (there's the C word again you like to preach) and get this shit fixed.

(Edit: Mythic have updated the Herald with the following information. I appreciate them actually saying something openly about it now, but it still worries me that there is no estimated fix time. I hope they dont expect us to pay while it's like this....

"We are currently aware of and are investigating solutions for performance and stability issues affecting the Karak Norn and Karak Azgal servers. This includes delays with the in-game mail system, frequent disconnects to character and server select and reports of performance issues and high latency. At this point we have no estimated time of repair for these issues, however please be sure to check the Herald for updates regarding this situation.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support. ")