Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dis is a GREEN blog now!

Alrighty, working out the kinks with the new layout, PLEASE let me know if there's anything wrong with it. I decided to go with a green theme reflecting Greenskins and Warpstone. The background image will change and I'm rubbish at banners so the title will as well (though feel free to submit something gud!).

So aye, if you see wonky things over the next 24 hours then don't worry, it's just me breaking stuff.

New Twitter function added to the blog

Got a nice green Twitter button down at the end of the post now which should in theory allow you to immediately send any posts to your twitter account. Still messing around with it so should be ready to roll soon.

Bollocks, it doesn't shorten the URL and for some reason the standard twitter widget thingy on here doesn't show up,  must be something in the CSS but gork knows wut...

Edit: Actually on saying that I've just had a look at the new template designer and it's quite nice, think it's time the Blog got a new coat of paint earlier than intended.