Wednesday, 22 July 2009

An Area of Effect AoE Nerf....

So Mythic have finally decided that enough is enough. AoE is far too potent in WAR and needs to be reduced a bit. And I do agree, group heals, aoe spam is all too potent. The problem is, they've taken every class and applied the same rules to it.

Take the Black Orc. We have a tree which is based on AoE (Da Boss) and with the blanket nerf hitting this, it's reducing the damage by 30-40% of the abilities and reduced the range on a few more (but they increased the range on one). In all honest I've NEVER heard of anyone ever complaining that the Black Orc AoE is too good or needs to be nerfed so why destroy a tree leaving Black Orcs with one semi decent tree (brawler).

So I dropped out my aoe tree (I loved my little WAAAAAGHHH!!! skill) and gone back to single target and accepted that for Gork knows how many patches (I think since 1.1) we've not had a buff to our abilities, but instead a constant stream of nerfs.

At least I can say we're not a fotm class and not over powered. I like being da underdogs... Means we can bite dere bellies! (bonus points if you get the quote).

But seriously, I just wonder that with Mythic trying to open up communication more they seem to be lumping all classes as equals and mass nerfing where nerfs are not needed.

So Mythic.. Whens the tank patch coming?

Monday, 20 July 2009

Still living!

Not quit WAR, not quit blogging. Just been busy with real life, WAR and a myriad of other gubbins. Will get a couple of posts up this week... I promise ;)