Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sometimes you get little plans

From a gud plan, to da bestest plan... Or maybe not.

So after looking at the +5 parry that Borcs get in the Tyrant set I decided to try and work out if it's possible to make a Parry set for tanking. it looks rough but it might just be manageable on the lower end instances. Key advantage would be not having to respec for RvR/grinding (and looking cool) while the disadvantage would be that in high end instances I'd be an offtank.

Worked out the following so far:

8% base parry
+7% from conqueror set and glove bonus
+5% From gud at big choppin tactic
+0/5/10% from Less Stabbin me (combined with the jump to best plan upon parry tactic I should always be on at least 5%)
+6% from renown
+8% from jewels
And then I can get my morale 1 to pop every 60 seconds for a 30 second 10% parry buff.

So that'll be around 34-44% which isn't great (certainly lower that you'd like for two handed tanking) and with a likely significant drop in wounds. Still it's something different from the cookie cutter mould, so I'll give it a shot. Just need some victims from the Hand of Blood to try this out with *evil grin*