Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Well I've started a new blog named /BRB. It's based on gaming, MMO's and random crap alongside it that I find amusing and/or particularly interesting to myself (and maybe others). Mmmmm Gud will return with a couple of updates though as I found some bits and pieces (armour sets mainly) that I never posted so the blog will get an update but my other random writings and musings can be found at /brb


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Da last stomp.

Well for those who follow my twitter or know me in game you may already have gotten the idea if not the confirmation pretty much that my time in WAR has now reached its end.

I've spent many, many days of my life playing this game and enjoyed most of it without a doubt, but there always comes a time where you sit there and think "Maybe I need a break" and having a break over christmas, combined with life being a bit busier before hand meant my game time was minimal.. After this I realised I didn't actually miss the game and had no desire to login. My sub was actually cancelled three months ago (and runs out the 19th of January) as I was still disgusted at the customer support provided after the Tyrant cloak farce (read the back posts if you want) and realised I never resubbed when my rage calmed. This made it easier to just decide that it's time to call it a day when I looked at my sub renewal date.

I like WAR, the actual game is very good but with all games you play there's burn out when you have limited choices in what to do (again see back posts on depth). Combine this with sadly the neglect that some classes receive, the abysmal bug ridden mess some parts of the game have been left in (Vulture Lord as a prime example) and the glacier like speed it takes Mythic to realise that there are problems with aspects and then start to make changes (see bombing and melee healers). I guess limiting myself to one class that had the middle finger shown to it just after release and completely ignored for the following two years has burnt me as well, the mechanic (plan) and mastery is so busted that I'm sick of trying to shout for help.

WAR isn't dying, in fact I'll say that in the next 6 months once the Rift (and yeah, I'm going to give it a shot) hype has died down and people start to unsub that a lot of subs will come back. I'm actually sad a bit since I also missed out on the chance to be a core tester where I feel I could have helped, I would have still applied but with my heart not being in the game, sadly I can't justify potentially wasting Mythics time.

I'll be back to WAR, that much is a given... I'm looking to come back in the summer or just after once I've had a break.. Sometimes getting a break is the medicine you need to come back to a game... But whether I stay again I don't know yet, a lot has to get done in WAR to polish it back up and make it appealing to those players who play the minority classes.

I'll be keeping my blog up here as it is in preparation for a return. I won't convert it into a gaming or a rift blog as people still check this blog for Black Orc bits and pieces however I may pop a link up if I do decide to make a new blog and I will return periodically to this one and also check my email here Mmmmgud@gmail.com (yeah it's 4 M's on the email) if anyone wants to get back in contact at all.

As for my Twitter feed, I'm not sure what to do as I'm not convinced people want to read about my rift thoughts but I'll see, I may just make a new one but I guess people can filter me out if they don't want to... I think I'll be looking at more gaming orientated stuff rather than just Rift.. At least until I return to WAR.

Finally though I want to thank Mythic, in particularly Andy Belford, Keaven and Steven Engle for being fantastic folks (and I'll still be watching KSitM and also all the other WAR bloggers though kudos to Bootae, Werit and Grimnir.

I'll be back to check out the game in the summer/autumn so until then, keep the WAAAAAAAAAAGH going!