Sunday, 25 July 2010

BioWare points, ANOTHER vacation the PTS and thank you to da boss Xzi

I have a Bioware Social Network account from buying Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 so one account rather than multiples is always good for me, it's also inevitable that SW:TOR will go through the network as well, possibly DAoC and Ultima will come later if it's viable.

So what does this mean really? Well one key thing that the BSN (I can't be bothered typing it out each time, so it's now called that) has is the purchasing of BioWare points for real life money, this is used in Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age to purchase downloadable content such as new quests, party members and expansions.. Could Warhammer be going down the road of purchasable items? There was also mention a while back about new vanity pets coming in, this would be a way to gauge interest, maybe add some of the mounts that are hidden in the files that people have found.. There's a possibility. What I don't see happening is a free to play model, WAR is profitable enough to not have to worry about that... For now.

And guess what? I'm on another vacation. Last one for the year probably but I'm off for a week to Sweden with the girlfriend and to meet up with some long time guild mates, we're heading up to the north of Sweden, just inside the Arctic Circle with a forest, lake and mountain around us. Mmm 1600 metre mountain to climb. Should be a good laugh :)

The PTS I've had very little time to play with, the problem with it right now is that I don't have Lokax on it, I hate using template characters as they don't let me 'test' situations properly. I know Loks gear, limitations with it and what not, so giving me two sets of high end gear and a lot of emblems doesn't help when I still have jewels, other weapons and other armour pieces I use. From what I've heard though the plan mechanic changing is not too bad, will take some time to get used to for some people but when you can open up with a Down Ya Go or Shut Yer Mouth it certainly can't be bad.

And finally my long time guild leader has stepped down to concentrate on real life. We went out with one final Hand of Blood warband with Xzi leading on Thursday night before he logged out for possibly the last time. So here's vid that one of our members took.

/salute Xzi

You were a gud git.

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