Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Snotling love

Well they released the first set of WAR Microtransactions. Ok, got a Snotling pet and they're seriously cool items. They might be a bit buggy with not moving on other players screens but I'm sure that will be fixed. Hopefully these are just test items and we will start to see more and more things such as these (GIEF WYVERN!). I don't mind spending a few quid on them, it's a hobby, I've spent more on something for a hobby which is a lot worse so meh :P

Anyway, here's Lokax and Tat the Snotling :) (only one person that reads the blog will get the reference... /cheer L)


  1. That's £6 for a pet, seriously don't you think it's overpriced?

  2. Yeah I think it's overpriced, doesn't mean I won't purchase it however. I put money aside for luxuries each month, this just comes out of it instead of a bottle of wine one week :)

  3. epic! /signed L :P

  4. Same here as far as a hobbie. I bought one and used it on my Shaman. They are actually quite funny to have around. I just don't see them working very well with order characters. It just doesn't fit the theme.

  5. Gotta go for the bottle of wine to be honest.

    £6 can get you a nice bottle of wine nowadays, certainly good enough to drink while you're gaming.

  6. Since them littie gits are all ways fun to have around i have to admit im thinking of geting one my self to be honest.

    But if the pets are £6.50 a pop then the new rvr packs must be around £15 - £20 for both from what i can guess but this is all rumors at the moment in time..

    We will have to wait and see what the prices are gunna be