Saturday, 6 November 2010

Orc mounts for the Personality pack

They're easily visible in the PTS but they are also beside the three royal crest mounts, so just to make them stand out a bit, these are the three that it appears you can get with the Personality pack. The orange looks confirmed at least due to it showing in the teeny pic of a Black Orc on the site.

I'm more likely to go with the Black/Red mount to replace my Manticore but I am really tempted with the Black/Green as well, just looks very warpstone themed. But no rush yet to decide. I'm just glad that I get my mount Pork back (he's named after the Orcish god of boars).


  1. Love them already !
    I'm having a hard time choosing one though...

  2. Well..

    Since im a table top fan and orc's and gobbo's are my army i have to admit these mounts look like the real thing this time since when i was destro the boar mounts back then didnt look the part..

    So im quite happie for all the orc'sand gobbo's out there who get mounts to fit there waaagh!!. As it goes for the high elf mounts well lets just say i will be sticking to my griffon mount..

    All so lokax ere'z youse been hidin ya gobbo lovin git com out an fight iz wanna waaagh!!!

  3. BTW wolf mounts for goblins are partially visible on the right side of the screenshot.