Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So.. Dis 'ere is me thinking rock?

Well welcome once again to Mmmmm Gud. If you're just new here, or more likely just discovered this a year after this first post then the reason it's a welcome again is that I managed to delete all my old posts (well all three of them) and couldn't get them back.

The website is really just an outlet for me to rant, discuss and propose things for Warhammer Online. I'm firmly of the belief that should you have an issue with a game, then propose a solution or a better method, so needless to say I will be spewing what rubbish comes from my head at any given time.

At this time I've got a few regular features planned. A review of the things I really like in WAR right now (Mmmm Gud) and then the things that are really annoying me right now (Dat 'Urtz!). I'll also be joining the community project thingy on Warhammer Alliance so hope to find a new blog each week to promote for the game.

Well that's the intro done... Onto the first post...

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