Monday, 9 March 2009

Adopt a little git

Well maybe not adopt one. You don't know where the grubby little blighters been, but help one.

Today I was grinding up seed levels to get a batch of 200 greens for generic uses and rather than staring at the grim Inevitable City I decided to take a fond reminder of tier 1. So Off I went to Mount Bloodhorn to find a vendor and just relax while I messed around getting batches of seeds up to 200.

I had forgotten that over here in Europe we finally had trial accounts and so was quite happy to see lots of new players running around and asking questions, talking about how much they enjoyed the game. That fresh to the game enjoyment.

I ended up spending a good portion of the time just talking to people in the region channel, answering questions and just explaining things. Many other people in the area with experience were doing the same. There was no "lol u nub" or sarcastic answers, everyone was being genuinely nice and helpful to our new little gits trying the game out.

Then everyones connection to the servers was lost for two hours. Thanks GOA.

So do your game a favour. Spend 30 minutes this week in a tier 1 zone, just exploring for unlocks, doing old quests or whatever, and just be helpful to all the little gits asking questions and looking for advice. It doesn't hurt to be nice to the people who can help keep the game alive. The more people that play, the better for everyone.


  1. I did the same thing on Sllaby wile farming some boars for a title last week :)

    Keep up the posts Lok !

  2. Yeap i noticed that too when i was trying to boutcher boars arround lvl 3-4 the area was full of lil gits :) very excited :)) nice of ppl that can explain things to others, i try to help also when i understand what they are asking for ;)... well if they speak Greek vetter for me :p

  3. p.s: reminds me the good days of jingleballs and snoti! we were so greenies and so excited!!!