Monday, 16 March 2009

Urgh... 10% to go....

And I'll escape tier 4 for the joys of tier 1 again.

10% until I reach my renown rank target I set myself pre 1.2 and I'll hopefully get there tomorrow. Once that's done Lokax will be sticking with PvE and cultivation for a while I think.

You can only take so many zone crashes, suffer so much lag and watch yourself get rolled constantly by war bands as your tier 4 zones are captured during off peak hours leaving yourself staring at a screen of white (or black) coloured zones as "yet another fort is under attack". Fort defences lose its appeal and novelty factor because it happens so frequently now. Is the Dominance zone system to blame? Making it too easy to get to forts whereas before sides had to really work for a good day to push to a fort and couldn't send out the night shift to cap them all at 3am when the rest of the world sleeps. I'm hearing stories about servers that basically are all but empty in tier 4 for certain sides as the city gets destroyed daily as people can't defend the zones during the awkward hours.

Put it this way, I'll give it another MMO analogy. If you joined a guild with your max level character to raid instances and dungeons. Would you stay in them once you realised that every morning, while you were at work, they'd take there own level 40's out and do the instances themselves, leaving you with either going into the dungeon on your own to face overwhelming odds, or rolling a new character to join the lower instances. That's how it's starting to feel... Make an alt or just give up in sheer frustration at tier 4.

Or maybe everything is working as intended and I'm just needing to get used to being on the losing side for once in WAR?

10% to go....


  1. There's definitely some population issues here. Whether that's because lots of previously-active T4 destro have re-rolled alts in T1, or because many many more Order came over in the transfer I don't know. My experience from last night points to this anyway: Whilst the Maw fortress was under attack, we were in Caledor with approx. a warbands worth of desruction, against a slightly numerically superior force of Order. And it was good fun, going back and forth, even managed to get close to locking the zone.

    Then, we get the message that the Maw has fallen. Within 10 minutes, our warbands worth of destro are pinned back into the warcamp by at least two warbands of Order. At the same time, all four BO's and both keeps, which were all destro controlled before the Maw fell, turned Blue practically simultaneously. We tried to be sneaky and contest one of the BO's with our guild party, sneaking past the WBs blocking our Wacamp, only to find another full Order warband at the BO as well. Must have been at least a warband at each keep given the speed they fell, and lets be generous and say there was one more warband split between the other three BOs. That's six Order warbands against the one we had.

    It took Order about an hour to lock down Caledor, from a position where we nearly had it locked. So we abandoned before this happened, only to find another couple of Order warbands blocking the way to the Fell Landing fortress. That's 8 warbands to our one. Thankfully Destro materialized for the fort defence and we held out, but against such overwhelming odds there was absolutely nothing we could do. Order could have outright ignored us and they'd have still taken the zone.

    Right now it's very tempting to not bother with oRvR and go play alts and PvE and scenarios. It's great fun, as I keep saying, when they forces aren't too big and evenly balanced, but at the moment it's getting to the point where you think "why bother trying to stop them". Non-participation may no longer be a valid defence but it sure is more fun than getting hit by a train the moment my RvR flag pops up.

    And the situation is only going to get worse as the rest of the active destro realise they haven't got a chance in hell and follow suit with those who have already rolled alts. I can at least sympathize with what Order were going through pre-transfer, but I do believe that those of us remaining active in T4 are vastly more outnumbered than they ever were.

    The lag and all that when such a zerg hits you is also a factor but we all know about that already.

  2. As Snikkit once famously sang "The times they are a changin'"

    Whilst it's clear order have greater numbers being active in ORvR (especialy during the day), destro are by no means out of the battle. We managed to push order right back where they came from in the end last night. Think the main problem is a lack of organisation from destro at this point in time. RvR in WAR fits nicely with the classic snow ball analogy; once a side start getting somewhere everyone hops on board and joins in the fight, and when things go bad and some people leave others soon follow causing a massive imbalance. We had this working in our favour less than a month ago and now it's order that have the momentum.

    Hopefully some of the key destro alliances will start cooperating and we can have a good push of our own.

    Personally I'm enjoying being the underdog for a change, at least when we achieve something (whether it be capping a zone or taking a BO) you know you just really helped out our whole realm. Having said that we need a decent destro push soon to restore some passion in those that are taking the defeats heavily and already talking about quitting the game (luckily HoB are not such wusses :))


    Top bloging Lokax, really loving reading this. keep up the great work Greenie!