Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fluffy Bitz (part 2)

I was out on a hill walk yesterday, the fog was pretty thick and reduced visibility quite a lot, thankfully it's a local hill and not very steep or difficult at all but it was just a chance to get out the house and get a bit of exercise while I was on holiday. So off I trekked and as I went through the mist on the scrub land it got me thinking that there's something missing with the ambience of WAR.. The weather.

You get the odd chaos snowflake fluttering down in some of the regions with snow, but other than that there is nothing to make it feel like a living world. It remains static. Down in the Badlands there's no sand storm (and I bet we won't see any in the land of the tomb kings). The streets of Praag never seen a thunderstorm and Kadrin Valley never has a strong gale blowing through it, scattering debris throughout the region.

Every day is a nice day in WAR!

While I understand that it's not exactly a major thing in a game, nor would it be a high priority compared to the other glaring issues that need to be fixed, I'm sure Mythic has an environment/world creation team working on the tomb kings zone, placing objects and adjusting hills, but maybe we can hope one day to battle through a thunderstorm, defend a keep in a blizzard or be hunted down in a sand storm.

It's not essential. It's fluff... But it's what adds to the game.

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