Monday, 8 June 2009

Bloody bomb squads...

Good run of scenarios last night, though the only times we were beaten was when we were up against a bomb squad. For those who have never had the misfortune of facing one, it's basically a guarded and mass healed bright wizard with Ruin and Destruction followed by PBAoE as the rest of the group devestate/debuffs/CC's the area.

It's a sound tactic (others claim it's cheap) and one that I'm totally stumped with how to counter or prevent. RDPS can stay away but us melee classes have to stack up to take out targets so we're easy fodder for the bomb. A mass zerg works through sheer weight of numbers, silence doesn't stop the morale (but go figure how my morale silence gets stopped by the unstoppable buff).

In a 6v6 environment, how would you prevent the bomb?


  1. I love the bomber group with my BW. I just have a hard time getting everyone to buy in on putting guard on me.

  2. On my server, Order had a very difficult time trying to set up a bomb squad. It was a destro guild who first set it up, first with Magus + Pits of Shade, then Chosen Quake + Distastous Cascade. From various mental exercises, I am still unable to think of a counter other than doing the bomb first.

    It is funny though, because one of the devs responsible for Career and Combat, during an interview mentioned "AOE KB" as a counter to close-range bomb squads. I do think it has the highest chance to succeed, the problem is CC and burst damage in 1.2.1 is a bit too overwhelming to reliably to this.

  3. Hmmm, knockbacks seem a good option but it delays the inevitable (assuming they're not already immune to it of course). Doesn't help that the borc KB is a pathetically short distance and is a second plan ability so it's not 'on demand'.