Sunday, 15 November 2009

I've just realised what kills WARs enjoyment for me sometimes.


When your realm is out numbered on the battlefield, out geared and out skilled you CANNOT do anything against it. Your only counter is to try and get more numbers to zerg but when the numbers in tier 4 seem to be dwindling as each city siege and king kill happens and when you don't want to be or can't be in a zone with 500 people fighting (the other night we had reports of a keep being attacked by 253 order) then what can you do?

I can admit my own failings, I can admit when we messed up a fight we should have won, but trying to fight a force which is simply beyond your capabilities is stupid.

Warhammer is a game which is in the hands of your opponents not you. It's based on RvR and when one side dominates to an extent that people reroll on another server you know the parity between sides has gone. In Warcraft I knew that it was me and 24 other people against a raid boss, we knew it was our fault if something went wrong and we worked it out and dealt with it, but the key thing was.. It was US at fault. In Warhammer we have no control over the skill level, gear level and numbers of our enemy in RvR.

Would a third realm have helped this? Indeed. But for that it's too late now, I cannot even see a third realm being added in an expansion due to the total rewrite of the game which would be required (imagine the art needed... done by the art team which basically doesn't exist anymore).

So at the moment we're stuck looking at PvE and making a quick zone hop whenever the zerg appears (you can literally see the lag spikes as the mass of players arrives in a zone). I await the details of the underdog system with bated breath but I don't think it will recognise skill and gear that we're faced against....


  1. I felt sorry for you until I logged on Norn and met the second Altdorf in two days. The tide has turned it seems.

  2. The difference is... Order can goto IC at will and kill the King pretty much every couple of days whereas Destruction right now struggle to get to IC but dont have the final ability to push stage 1 anymore :/

    Still, it comes and goes