Monday, 18 January 2010

What happens when you've done everything?

Yesterday morning (well 11:30 ish) we killed the King. For most of the guild this was now no big thing as they've been there a few times now, but for me it was one of the 'big things' in my list to mark off. I came away with two Sovereign pieces and I'm now starting to realise that although I'm only Renown Rank 74 that's still only 6 more renown levels to go and I should or be very close to full Sov by that time wiping another end game item off my list.

So what do you do when you're RR80 in full Sov?

I know for some RR80 is the kiss of death as the motivation to spend time fighting disappears when there's no personal gain (and lets be honest about it, everyone wants to get something from WAR). Others can carry on fighting away without bothering that there's no more purple numbers floating about but I don't think people know what they will feel until that time comes.

I look at the guild and I see multiple people over renown rank 70 with sovereign gear and I wonder... What's in WAR to keep these people interested after the next couple of months pass? With more and more people in general now hitting the caps Mythic needs to talk openly with the community about plans or what people would like to see once they're 40/80. The obvious is to expand the renown ranks and level but might this be better for an expansion (which right now doesn't look to be happening until at least the two year birthday).

Personally I'd like to see an expanded Influence bar open when you're 40/80 which requires vast amounts of influence (gained from killing players only, so no zone locks etc) but offers not only weapons, armour and accessories but special trophies, titles, mounts and even some non combat pets mixed in as well. Of course, this influence bar would only be open for as long as there is a 40/80 cap, when that lifts then the influence bar disappears and the chance to get those items disappears with it...


  1. Nice work. I've still never even seen Stage 2 of a city siege. Badlands is too balanced so niether side makes any real progress.

    I like the idea of a new temporary influence bar. It would be easy to put in, the hard part would be the art for all the new stuff.

  2. Yeah it's a balanced server here on Norn, only way a king can be attempted is very late at night or first thing in the morning as it's too easy for the opposing side to prevent a city lock by jumping instances to find a weaker one to wipe a few times.

    The artwork needed for new stuff is a major thing, especially with the removal of a fair chunk of the art staff in 'the purge of 09'. But then I still see NPC's wandering about with armour and weapons that aren't available so maybe there's still a lot of unused resource (or maybe the NPC's have those items as part of the actual NPC model)

  3. I think you're on the right track with the influence bar. As much as Mark Jacobs insisted that WAR isn't about "fluff," it's proven time after time that fluff is a powerful motivator in MMOs.

    I'm not sure my solution would involve an influence bar, but I haven't given it much thought and I think your idea is a really good one.