Monday, 7 June 2010


Well it happened last night, and in all honesty it's how I wanted it to happen. In a middle of a fight not a zone leech or undefended keep take, actual fighting. I'm the official leader of G.R.E.E.N. in the guild (Getting Renown Ethically Each Night) so that basically means only get renown you fight for, no zone leeches and step out a BO before the final tick if you didn't have anyone to attack... I'm the only member :P Just scenario weapons left for me before I've officially 'completed' the game, but right now I'm having a lot of fun in the RvR lakes. Humans are much less predictable an opponent than memorising key strokes and positions for end game PvE encounters.

Huge thank you to everyone in Hand of Blood that helped me on my way there and a special shout out and thanks to Asrok, Garamore, Gogron, Kendel, Lethy, Mavve, Mimz, Snikkit, Xhera and Xzi.

(as a side note, that's part two of the Black Orc guide almost written so it should be up today or tomorrow)


  1. Gratz on 80. Pretty epic way to get it.

  2. Gratz. Hope you don't quit out of boredom now tho. ;D

  3. Thanks guys. I'd been aiming to have my 80 ding memorable and not just doing something routine, so it was quite cool to hit it as soon as we won stage 3.

    Got lots left to do in game though, scenario weapons, tome unlocks, armour sets...

  4. Big time gratz!!!