Monday, 23 August 2010

I rescind my hate on turtle builds

I've been running a turtle build recently despite hating it to see how effective it truly is. I'm 'lucky' in that I have full Sov, 4/5 Tyrant Glyphs and RR80 so I can make a fairly decent build out of it. Currently using 7 piece Defensive Sovereign, the four Glyphs and an Invader tanking choppa nets me 388 HP every 4 seconds, combined with Da Toughest bellow and the dirty new You Got Nuffin (basically a 340 HP heal every 10 seconds) and it basically works out as 716 HP regained every 4 seconds (if I've done my math right).

Against average players I can literally hold up six people and they cannot kill me, decent players or those using nerfed buttons with pre programmed interrupts as soon as it picks up that you are channeling an ability or have an ability will have an easier time but still, it's fantastic to 'feel' the rage building up in players as they beat on you, unable to kill you and in fact the more that appear to beat down on the Black Orc the more he seems to be regaining health.

I've literally just come out of a scenario where my view for most of it was the following:

(click for bigger pic)

This actually allowed the other 11 players in the scenario to turn a 200-20 losing scenario to a 500 win because the rest of Order were badly outnumbered as 5 focused on me.

So turtling, it's fun for now but no doubt the novelty of being almost immortal will wear off soon enough, however even in this spec I still managed to take out a Bright Wizard (a good one) and a random White Lion at the same time and finish on full health.

Oh and this is how the scenario ended:

(click for bigger pic)

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