Wednesday, 22 April 2009

How many scarabs shall we find in Land of the Dead?

So with shattered confidence in Mythic and GOA at the moment (though damnit.. I still really enjoy the game you gitz!). I started to think about Land of the Dead and how it's going to hold up upon release. Mythic are rightly taking there time with it, but they do have a deadline and they cannot risk delaying it and thus the game being heavily impacted by the inevitable Summer Slow Down that affects all MMO's, and you wonder with the current buggy state that the other instances are in, how many little scarabs (being beetles and being bugs... see wot I did dere?) will creep into the zone.

Zone.. that's the crucial thing to remember, it's not a small patch at all, this isn't 1.2.1 nor even 1.2, but the biggest content patch that will likely hit WAR before an expansion is released. To drum up interest over the summer and tide it through the summer months when people rediscover the outside and beer gardens. Going back to what I said, when I step into Lost Vale, Bloodwrought Enclave or Bilerot Burrow I fight as many bugs and glitches as I do mobs, our goblins get stuck in terrain and down the back of the sofa, mobs warp or reset and encounters are about as balanced as a see-saw with a Black Orc on it. Add the RvR mix, an entry mechanic, lairs, PQ's and Mythics current reputation of publishing buggy content as I think we have to assume that a good portion of the zone won't be working right, or we'll find some busted areas in general.

This isn't a hugely bad thing, I don't think any content patch by any company goes live with no bugs or broken parts, it comes with 30 programmers competing against 500,000 players that want to win (though don't all want to cheat). The real test will be how quickly Mythic can react to the broken parts and fix them without breaking another aspect of the dungeon. Will we see emergency patches and the minor things (buggy PQ mobs, broken tome unlocks) also fixed quickly. Then we still wait for the bugs to be fixed in the existing instances, in the cities, the careers, the professions....

Hope you still have the resource to keep on top of the existing bugs as well as a whole new instance and zones worth Mythic!

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