Monday, 20 April 2009

SIX Server crashes in one night... (at least)

So destruction made a push today, we hit all the zones and managed to get to Shining Way, half the warbands went and battered down the doors while the rest of us hopped between Reikland and Kadrin Valley to secure for a second fort assault.

As we waited in KV, the elven tier 4 pairing crashed THREE times causing it to reset and the destruction warbands having to start knocking down the gates from scratch again. Eventually we took Kadrin as well and almost simultaneously we took down both forts leading to Altdorf... No thanks to Mythics lousing net code and GOAs dreadful servers...

So we get to Altdorf and immediately our instance is full, lots of us wait and I'm the first one ine. Then 2 minutes later, the Altdorf server crashes kicking me out the game (and crashing me as soon as I log back in for 10 minutes). Finally, Lokax gets logged back in, after waiting forty five minutes to get in the server crashes again as I watch the rest of the guild get booted. After waiting some more time I get another spot in basically a puggy instance and with 10 minutes left to go in Altdorf... It crashes again.

At this point, by the time I log back in there's 3 minutes and I'm back in the queue for Altdorf, staring at the portal and thinking I just wasted two hours of my life, and we won't even get an apology, nor any sort of admission of fault by either Mythic or GOA.

It must actually be quite embarrassing being Mythic right now, or are they living in perpetual ignorance where everyone is happy and the servers are running beautifully?

Well the guild has basically agreed on this... The games pride, the end game.. The major selling point...



  1. After one and a half hour of waiting i could enter, as i walked into alrdorf the server crashed. The rest of the server had already crashed like 3 to 4 times by then...

    Greetings Sllaby.

  2. I had just the one crash in Altdorf with about forty minutes to go, triggered by winning stage 1 of the PQ. Up til that point it was running pretty ok for me personally, miles better than the first time I went to Altdorf.

    Agree that the end game needs work, but I maintain that the rest of the game - which we spend the bulk of our time playing - is pretty good and we have fun doing it. If we "Won" when we captured all the forts and didn't go to Altdorf at all I wonder what the general opinion might be instead?