Monday, 20 April 2009

How to bypass every keep wall.

Well was browsing the Karak-Norn forum on Warhammer Alliance and this popped up as a new post. I won't be linking to it, nor posting the video, but suffice to say that it shows ways of getting into every tier 4 keep without taking down the wall through wall jumping, print screen client jump (you know when you hit print screen it 'stutters'.. I thought they fixed that in DAoC... how foolish of me to believe that it wouldn't occur in WAR) and some clever terrain exploration I will admit.

So how long will it take Mythic to look at this? Probably not for a long time and then they'll just throw barricades at certain areas and not actually fix this. I don't actually think this happens too much on our server despite the video originating from it, at least not at peak times anyway. Don't know what the 3am Domination Point Players do mind you :P

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