Sunday, 19 April 2009

*kicks Mythic*

So I logged out this morning at dragonwake, pissed at the state our siege of altdorf went (server booted us all out, and then we couldn't get our warband back in and we were scattered around). Went for a hike, got back, showered, fed and logged on.

So I'm running around dragonwake looking for some 1v1 or 1v2 action, promptly find nothing but 1v3 or more and die... a few times. Decide to head to IC to sort out my backpack since being a tank, cultivator, apothecary it tends to fill up quite a lot. Upon zoning to IC the game kicks me to the character select screen and Lokax appears to be in his tanking gear.. at Reikwald.. Uhmmm.. wut?

Log in... Reikwald load screen comes up and I wait.. game kicks me back to the character select screen.. I think Lokax is lost in the warp. Ok, this is my only real character, no alts played more than a few levels so a touch annoying.

Well time to login with an alt and submit a ticket.. let's see how long it takes!

Mythic is getting the reputation for releasing bug laden patches now...

Update #1
Ok, lets make a go of this, see how long it takes to resolve this issue. I submitted the ticket at 18:13. I have just rechecked at 18:30 and it's not listed in my amend appeal... Does this matter? Who knows.. there doesn't appear to be anyway to check...

Update #2
18:31 Get a scenario pop up for my Choppa... Mourkain temple. Click to accept and he gets booted to character select screen. Click to load him in and booted back to character select screen. Lokax now shows as being in Altdorf... Decided to try and load Lokax again, manage to get in, but he's stuck in the walls between Reikwald and Altdorf... Choppa still stuck.

Update #3
Checking Lokax's backpack.. Been rolled back, lost some conqueror tokens and officer ones.. *sigh*

Update #4
Well at 18:44 I'm back in at IC with Lokax.. looks like I got hit by the revert bug, lost some renown, lost some tokens but.... meh. Glad to know we're paying for a professionaly made product that shines next to games such as Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft and Darkfall. Gud jub Mythic! /sarcasm off and cancelled appeal ticket.. Not sure I want to play tonight now.. quite risky...

Update #5
19:00 Oh how foolish of me.. I went to the Maw to help defend while waiting for our LV group. Server crashed aaaaaaaaaand, I can't log back in now. Remind me to stay away from fortresses and cities.. forever.

Update #6
19:08 Nuts to this.. back in, buggering off to LV, it's less buggy than this bollocks...

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