Saturday, 11 April 2009

Is a third side or a new race on its way?

On the WAR Europe boards someone asked about the possibility of a new race being added and after a bit of back and forth there was a tiny tidbit of information...

Xmoe wrote:
i dont think ther will make new race..

You, Sir, are mistaken

Magnus Aalto
English Community Manager

Now really we can't look too much into this as anything of substance but I honestly believe there could be something in the works to help balance servers that are struggling on certain sides and this would simply be an NPC faction. Right now the logical idea would be the Skaven that could weaken defenses and strike keep lords and not to mention champion mobs could suddenly tunnel up in the midst of attackers to help the underpowered defence...

Maybe not though, it's only a random thought there. Of course, it might simply be the Tomb Kings helping to balance the Tomb of the Vulture Lord to ensure that access is never totally blocked off for one side for an extended time.

One thing I feel fairly confident about though is that we won't see a new playable faction or side for a while. Mythic need to focus on getting the balance right with the existing classes first before adding more to the mix.

So.. What could be coming?


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