Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lokax makes a movie!

Well on Friday night we did a bunch of RvR but also had a small group split off and head to help some alts in BRB, so during this time I figured I'd do some solo RvR.. Or try to, is bloody tricky finding people on Karak Norn that are willing to fight one on one or that don't run the minute there health gets low (I had a lot of clips of people getting beat up then running and I wasn't able to catch up to finish them off). Also you get a lot of folks jumping into fighs but then it's mass scale RvR so I have no issue with that, I can't expect people to not fight me, I'm a bloomin' Black Orc for Gorks sake!

There was a couple of mess ups I made in some of the fights but overall I don't think they went too badly. The music is just a couple of tracks that I felt were quite amusing (and first is NSFW) to go with Lokax as he stomped through Eataine and Praag.

Enjoy! (and there is a much better resolution and better quality file, but it's 400megs so not sure if anyone wants it really)...


  1. Snikkit da Smallest and Worstest13 April 2009 at 10:20

    Good stuff Lok! Shame that Witch Hunter got a couple of cheeky heals just before you killed him. And funny how most of the clips are you chasing people down...

    Second song was by Clawfinger if I'm not mistaken, but not sure about the first one.... Sounded vaguely Limp Bizkit?

  2. First Track: Dirty Wormz "Big bad azz"
    Second Track: Clawfinger "Biggest and the Best"

    Never even heard of the first band but i tcame on my reccomended list during the first fight I have when I chased down the WH and had to add it in.