Monday, 4 January 2010

So I seen end game yesterday

And hit Karl Franz over the head with my choppa...

Our alliance on Karak Norn has been killing the King now for a few weeks but due to not being picked as a tank I've been sitting out (no harm done, my time will come) but I've also been helping out the lesser warded folks and going through the Warlord instances with the non King pushing war band. Yesterday we had a fair amount of folks on and took out both Warlord instances (one blue bag for me but everyone needed the golds that got it so no master loot down :( ) and then we went onto the Shadow Warrior, Engineer and Reiksguard. They all fell to our might and we visited the king, now we were low on DPS and wards so we had no real chance of taking him down, however we still went and had a quick shot at him to see what he's like (folks had to go) and I have to admit, he seems straight forward enough.

But... By Gork, the stage 2 city instances are buggy as heck. The amount of times things just randomly reset or mobs bugged out and did weird things is silly. Stage 2 is a complete mess, it's fun right now because it still feels 'new' to me since I don't see it too often but otherwise it feels very ... betaish still. I don't see them fixing this due to the changes coming in for the instances to be more RvR orientated, but for them to do this they need to completely remove the current instances and rebuild them from scratch, far too much is already buggy with them and to simply modify the existing instances would just make them worse.

Oh and just to annoy me more, I've discovered that weapons above warlord level ones drop from the three palace bosses. Touch annoying as that now makes the top three weapons all PvE drops :(


  1. One of the things the last Producers Letter said was that they will be looking at gettings things like weapons obtained via RvR.

  2. Yer I know and it's something a long time coming but it's just one of these things that bugs me every time I see it. There's no RvR gained weapons at all in the game other than from the influence rewards which were an afterthought. Odd that Mythic decided that you need to grind PvE instances to get weapons in an RvR game