Friday, 18 June 2010

Surveyor set for Black Orcs

The Surveyor non-set comes from Mount Gunbad. It's repairable green items so fairly easy to get (I got most of them from a drunken naked war band.... and bought the rest for a few silver). It's a decent looking set, and the shoulders are often known as the coat hanger shoulders. It's a nice looking set, you can find repeats of the set items throughout the early stages of tier 3 so if you like the look there's a fair chance you can pickup the bits without having to bother going into Mount Gunbad. As an added bonus I included the Surveyor one hander and two hander weapons (didn't find the shield, but if I do I'll add the picture to this post). It does come pre-dyed in green and black. Trophies on shoulders not included....


  1. Heyas mate,

    I'll be in tier 3 on my Blorc all too soon, so I have a couple of questions about this set.

    What are the level range restrictions?
    I presume it's BoE repairables?
    Stat wise, worth me getting?

    Ta for advice ;)

  2. Heya Bootae,

    You've already made it further than most Black Orcs so well done :D

    The set is actually all str/init/tough bonuses so works out nice, there's no wounds though which is a shame but with I'm Da Biggest and some wounds jewels. The pieces do have tali slots for more strength or wounds though if needed.

    All pieces are BoE repairables going from rank 23-27 so easily farmable by hitting Gunbad for a night, or even just check the auction house, normally cheap enough there.

    I'd say go for it, the toughness and initiave will help your survival rate a lot when you're two hander.

  3. Cool thanks. I've not been in Gunbad since about the first month after launch, so kinda curious to see what changed anyway.