Thursday, 17 June 2010

A dedicated followorc of fashion

So part of my little ongoing quest is to complete every Greenskin quest in the game (currently finished tier 1 and 2 and almost done with tier 3). I actually levelled up in the Dark Elf zones as back in the old days there was no Black Guard so hanging around in there gave me lots of opportunities to group with players running PQ's etc. This has worked well in my favour now as I go back, run the Greenskin quests and read the story behind each one and follow the grand pairing storyline. Some of the quests are brilliant and I'm sure in my rush to level I would have skipped reading them. Do yourselves a favour, run the Greenskin quest line and just follow it, I mean you can't beat a goblin in disguise as a slayer with a load of moldy beards stuck to his face, Gork speaking to you and being launched by a catapult.

Anyway, what does this have to do with fashion? Well it's also letting me do another personal quest which has been inspired by Blog the Witch who looked for a lot of unique designs and the announcement of the item appearance changes. And that is to collect every type of item for Black Orcs in game, all the models and skins that are different. This was made slightly trickier in 1.3.5 as they changed a lot of the green drops, so no Precursor pieces dropping which may not be replaced by another item. It's quite fun to realise though that the rank 39 green shoulders use the old tier 1 graphic though, so it's a decent change.

Thank Gork though, for the expanded bank space right now as it's starting to fill up...

This is NOT including any set items, so no invader, warlord etc in this screenshot and has only a couple of the tier 4 weapons.

So this will let me work out a combination of items which looks and just feels right for Lokax, I love tinkering with his appearance, right now he's just a giant red Orc in sovereign but it's not quite unique enough for me. I have never showed my helm due to loving his iron face plate and broken tusk face (does anyone have an idea if the special Choppa Teef face change works on Black Orcs?). I have a provisional set worked out, which looks a lot more scrappy, maybe not quite 'ard enough but it looks not too bad at all. I will be missing quite a lot of old influence rewards I will have picked up at some point and dumped and sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a different graphic or not for quest rewards, so when giving the choice of two you have to just hope it's different. I'm helped at least by some old concept shots of Black Orc armour and weapons, so I'm keeping my eyes out for anything which may resemble them. And of course, I'm desperately looking for a basha (club/mace) as there's plenty of Orc NPC's with them, just never seen a drop or a model of one for players :(

Anyway back to the quests!

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  1. Hmm, you need some colors in that bank sir.

    It's legit. I update the code on this one. =D