Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The new sovereign sets for tanks

Subject to feedback no doubt, but overall they don't look too bad. I gave up with toughness as a stat a while back mind you as I found it to be very ineffective. A large wounds pool seemed to work out better and the toughness just sort of added on anyway. The procs are nice and the speed buff/debuff seems decent enough, if a little odd for tanks, but I suppose it gives us more movement effects (and a life saver for us Black Orcs for being buggered with CC due to the plan mechanic). Any thoughts? I like it so far.

(Primary) Defensive Set
Tou - 232
Wou - 134
Ini - 116
WS - 106
Spi - 294
Cor - 289
Ele - 289

6% reduced chance to be crit
4% block
60 hp/4s
4 AP/s
2% reduced armor penetration

3 piece - 85 Tou
4 piece - 85 Wou
5 piece - 200 HP/4s
6 piece - On Being Hit: 10% chance to reduce attacker's armor penetration against you and chance to critically hit you by 6% for 10s.
7 piece - On Defense: 25% chance to increase parry/block/disrupt/dodge by 5% for 10s.
8 piece - 2m cooldown - Up to 9 targets within a 20 foot radius have their movement speed reduced by 60% for 5s.

(Secondary) Offensive Set
Str - 232
WS - 134
Wou - 116
Tou - 106
Spi - 294
Cor - 289
Ele - 289

6% melee crit chance
40 melee power
4% parry strikethrough
3 AP/s
2% parry

3 piece - 85 Str
4 piece - 85 WS
5 piece - 5% DPS
6 piece - On Hit: 10% chance to increase melee power by 130 for 10s.
7 piece - On Hit: 10% chance to increase parry/block strikethrough by 10% for 10s.
8 piece - 2m cooldown - Up to 9 allies within a 20 foot radius have their movement speed increased by 60% for 5s.


  1. Why would it be odd? In a group environment tanks are supposed to provide support as their primary role, be it defensive or offensive, no?

    What's better than hindering the movement of the enemy or providing the group with the means manouver easier on the battlefield? If anything the duration should be increased to 10 sec and the defensive version should be an unbreakable snare, as SF/MoM already provide the same utility. I don't even play a tank anymore and I'm looking forward to this. :)

  2. Oh yeah, I typed it wrong as as soon as I read it then it did make sense to have tanks dictating the battlefield, the only real 'odd' bit about it is that it gives movement buffs/debuffs to tanks, and the natural healer 8 pieces are heal buff/debuff and DPS are single target/aoe damage abilities, but there's no place to put an absorb or mitigation (unless a healer gets it), which is odd considering Mythic were talking about TTK being too low

  3. Well Mythic talks about a lot of things. :P

    A while back they said WLs TTK is too low (they kill too quick) and now they are giving them an armor debuff which will lower it, something the career doesn't really need. So yeah, they waffle sometimes. :)