Friday, 2 July 2010

Your dream sovereign sets?

Well with the upcoming changes to the Sovereign armour sets and multiple choices you can make, I was thinking what I'd like to see with the Black Orc Sov set. In all honesty it's a nice set, you get strength, wounds and melee crit as the first three bonuses, the next is a resist debuff which is also very nice. The toughness theft isn't that great and our special is abysmal.. A 300 damage absorb shield on a 3 minute cool down.. Bleh

So with the inevitable change coming, lets head it off and find out what I'd like.

I'll try and do three sets here, one for each mastery tree. All 8 part pieces are on a 2 or 3 minute cool down (can't decide). If it's highlighted green it means it's an already existing ability on the Sov set or on another high end set such as Tyrant.

Brawler (Single target DPS / Two hander)
3: +85 Strength
4: +85 Wounds
5: +5% Melee Crit
6: Erosion - On Hit: 10% chance to lower all of target's Resistances by 165 for 10 seconds.
7: Snap yer fingerz - On Hit: 25% chance to reduce targets chance to parry by 1% for 10 seconds this can stack up to 10 times
8: 'eadbutt: You smash your head into your targets head staggering them for 5 seconds. Once the stagger is broken the target will suffer from mass bleeding and take 750 damage over 10 seconds

Toughest (Tanking)
3: +85 Wounds
4: +85 Initiative
5: +500 Armour
6: Spiky Bitz - On Being Melee Hit: 10% chance the attacker will get caught on some nasty spikes adorned on your armour and take 200 physical damage.
7: Reactionary - On Defense: 25% chance to increase Parry, Evade, and Disrupt by 10% for 10 seconds.
8: Dats not 'urty: Your party will absorb 1000 damage over 10 seconds.

Boss (Group Buffs / AoE)
3: +85 Toughness
4: +85 Strength
5: +85 Wounds
6: Dis way - On Hit: 10% chance to increase the highest stat of party members within 60 feet by 100. Does not stack.
7: Keep 'ittin 'em - On Hit: 25% chance for party members within 60 feet to regain 20 Action Points
8: Orcapult!: If your defensive target is within 5 feet you can throw them to an enemy target within 60 feet.

Wot you gitz think?


  1. I wouldn't take 3 different sets for granted, will probably be only two due to taking too much time to create and test another one. :P

    I don't play a BO, but I like your proc set bonuses, inovative. And the 8 piece bonuses are quite strong, but I guess they should be since you are sacrificing a lot of stats for wearing all 8 pieces. I particularly like the Boss end bonus, reminds me of trolls' throw ability in Blood Bowl, always funny to see a goblin get eaten. Plus it would be awesome for a MDPS to get lobbed after a fleeing target. :D

    Good job, I hope your wishes come true. :)

  2. Oh yeah, there will only be two suits, one for tanking and one for DPS, that's almost guaranteed, just couldn't resist doing one for our third tree since it's the tree with most flavour and fun potential.

    8 piece bonuses I'm never sure how potent they should be.. An ability on a 2 minute cooldown is pretty decent but suppose they might be a bit too good.

    And aye, Throw Team Mate was great in Blood Bowl (random fact, I wrote a lot of the background for the last edition of BB)