Friday, 1 October 2010

Tanktics part three. Guard.

You can check the other two parts of my tanktics series here and here but for those who aren't overly bothered it's simply a small post with combining tactics and the tank archetype abilities to improve them, to give something a bit more well.. Tanky.

Following on from my conversation with Bootae about only being able to guard if you are a shield it occurred to me this is actually a nerf. We're removing something from two handed tanks and not giving them anything in return, it doesn't actually make tanks want to guard more (which they always should anyway) but it certainly gives people ammunition to whine in scenarios etc about "OMG not a 2h tank.. ffs you're not mdps". If we were to only allow guard to be activated if using a shield then potentially we'd have to increase 2h damage to make it worthwhile for tanks to go 2h in scenarios etc.

Orrrrr..... We could look at combining it with a useless tactic. Now barring Unstoppable Juggernaut the other tank tactics are pretty decent, as we've already commandeered it for a Hold the Line buff then we either have to change another archetype tactic or I'm sure there's a useless tactic each tank has we can replace. I wont go through each class to find it, I wont pretend to know anything about Knights or Blackguards so I'll leave it as that, but here's what I propose instead of a straight "you can only guard if using a shield"

1 Slot Career Tactic - No range - No cool down - Passive
If you have a shield equipped the damage split on your guarded target is increased to 75% assigned to you and the effect range is increased to 50ft

I have deliberately gone a bit overboard with this as I felt that my Hold the Line was in retrospect quite weak although it had the right 'feel'. Improved Guard might be a bit potent but it certainly makes choppa and blocka tanks be an absolute beast for guarding targets and much better than the 2h equivalent without nerfing 2h tanks.



  1. Well

    All great idea's so far but there is one thing that kinda hold's problems for abiltys like this.And thats tanks guarding the same target. Personaly that one thing mythic needs to sort out if any abilty's like this came in to play for tank classes..

    Oh and btw lokax executed is fine we had a lot of member's being ill ect but i wont go in to details (Trust me way to much info) But yea executed is one of these guilds that are looking forward to the new RvR packs that is gunna break down the zerg for good and make RvR more interesting for me at least (Since im not a big fan of RvR at the moment so much of a sc fan) but for the weekend at least i will be in black fire basin i hope to see you there

  2. Oh yea here is a idea for 2h tanks

    1 Slot Career Tactic -No range - 6 second cool down- passive


    when you crital strike a target the next 2 attacks will be undefendable this will trigger once every 6 seconds..

    Or This diffrent version
    1 Slot Career Tactic -15ft range - 6 second cool down- passive

    When you cirtal strike a target the next 3 attacks will have a cone effect added to them.. -6 second cool down

    Lokax these are just a view idea's tell me what you think mate all so i had a bit of a brain storm while i was tryping this. Maybe you bootae and my self should get on some ones vent and brain storm some idea's to give to mythic im more than happie to help the tank class improve or be a bit more flexable when it comes to war..

    Get back to me lokax and tell me what you think pm me on wha or just type up on here and see what booate thinks about the idea