Thursday, 11 November 2010

Doomflayer and Warpforged armour graphics

Well the PTS came up, I managed to take a couple of screenshots then my client crashed and I can't get logged back in as the test realm is full. So you will get the graphics today and time (and the PTS) permitting tomorrow I'll grab screenshots of the full stats for both sets for reference again.

One key thing, the sets DON'T come with belts or back pieces. The rr98 belt is actually the same style as the Warpforged so we can assume it goes together (graphically), but I didn't see a belt that went with the Doomflayer set in my backpack so the Black Orc looks a bit slimmer than normal.

I like the Warpforged set and even the Doomflayer set looks nice however the helm I don't know if I love or hate. I love how it's a big, clunky bit of metal with spikes and bits welded on, but I can't seem to shake the image of a droid from Star Wars when I see it. I think playing around with some dyes could net some interesting results, but in the meantime here we go.

Doomflayer (no belt, no cloak)

Warpforged (with rr98 belt, no cloak)


  1. Doomflayer helm looks neat, really has that scrap heap theme going for it and kinda the set... and kinda warpedforged helm is visually so so... I would have like to see a side profile as well of these sets. The rest of the set pieces however are kinda "meh." Sov still looks better in terms of arms and feet plates, and maybe shoulders.

  2. I Agree Ghrakkus, I dont like anything about either of these sets (look wise) except the helms. ALL of the rr100 sets look like complete crap compared to Sov and Tyrant. Witch Hunter looks like Anni does. Dunno wtf if up with WL and SW. Chosen looks kinda blah and choppa looks the same as every other T4 choppa does (minus the helm of couse). The effort they put into the way the gear looks saddens me.

  3. I hate it. Sovereign looks much better than that shit.

  4. The only set I like is the squigs... always thought they needed a touch of metal... but the rest are not impressive at all.

  5. doomflayer boots are from T2, Warpforged boost are he old Conq-Inv stuff. Chests in boot sets let you see more skin then on Choppas.
    this is offensive considering we pay for it. at least with the appearance option we can replace it with Sovereign (best looking set of all War classes)

  6. They encourage us to mix these sets with our sov... but look wise... they look nothing alike from an aesthetic perspective.