Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A question of depth

So I've been struggling to balance work, real life and play time recently so my activity in WAR has been quite low unfortunately. Normally I get the 'twitch' to login and crack some skulls or go wondering off in search of something new and interesting however sadly the twitch just hasn't been there.

Now don't get me wrong, WAR is still my game of choice, I'm not running off anywhere soon but right now there's nothing grabbing me back to WAR. I'll log on, hit a scenario then pretty much give up due to the MIA  matchmaking system which still puts full RR80+ premades against low RR pugs. I've been unfortunate in my warbands recently that we're hitting Morale bomb warbands most of the time. My record stands at having 10 damaging morales hit me in a 2 second window which isn't mitigatable (making a mockery of the increased survival rate) and basically ends up being which side clicks faster and/or has more full Sov MDPS to drain multiple sides. For all the whining of 1k1 it still doesn't help against a rank 1 morale.

But that's just the evolution of battle now that standard bomb groups have taken the hit, someone will find a new way and it's only a matter of time before this spreads onto more servers and becomes more common amongst premade warbands (which are the standard on Norn). So lets move on anyway away from that. If I log into WAR late at night after work there's little for me to do now, I've hit a lot of unlocks already so I'm left looking at killing 100,000 mobs or blindly looking for an exploration unlock which may or may not exist and if it does may or may not actually be broken anyway - so currently unlocks are out for me. Scenarios and RvR as said are become frustrating, even roaming is becoming a chore due to ganking, adds or just unkillable warrior priests or doks or my pet hate... Kiting AM's (I HATE YOU!).

I'd like something I can do in WAR which doesn't go down the inevitable path of rage due to bugs or just unfun situations... I hate saying it, and I have in the past so apologies for sounding like a broken record but there's just nothing to actually DO in WAR in downtime. This isn't WoW or LotRO so I can understand a lack of fishing or archaeology but what about the crafting skills we do have? Why can't there be more to them, no siege weapon making? You could gather resources such as ore or wood (Mmmmm wud) or smith armour and weapons, scribe scrolls.... Heck I'd even like to do some fishing or archaeology, something to waste some time in so I have a reason to login and not get pissed off with the game.

I dont want WAR to be WoW, LotRO or some such, it's WAR.... But at least those games have more to do other than the main objective. WAR you RvR, everything else is left over, buggy or just plain doesn't work.The problem is that nothing will happen over night, in fact nothing will happen for a while because the game needs RvR to survive and rightfully that should be the primary focus. I'd like to hear about more things happening in WAR, more new stuff coming in but I can't see anything ahead of us now that makes me want to say "That's cool".

So in your downtime, when scenarios and RvR have become a chore/grind more than something what do you do?


  1. am a WH so ganking is what i do :P

  2. I'm with Gigelica... I pull my 32 WE out and go roaming T3 :) Its why I miss the ORVR servers so much. You could always fill time hunting the opposition. Its also why my WE is still only rank 32. Lack of focus.

    That said I know what you mean on a deeper level. When you're just tired of it all there is very little to do. I've never really liked questing and the crafting system isn't the greatest. It really only takes one or two good sessions to max it out and then what?

    I am, admittedly, and altoholic so I have a stable of toons to try out and level up. That said after 20 toons T1-3 gets a little weary. A 2-year veteran of WAR, I've definitely had my moments of frustration + rage = quit.

    I try to stay positive and remember why I like the game. Sometimes I take breaks. I find helping new players to be very rewarding. Their enthusiasm reminds me of how cool everything seemed in the beginning. I will sometimes take my 43 RP out to the starting areas and heal PQ's for newbies. I find that fun for awhile and if someone new enjoys themselves and becomes a permanent subscriber I feel I've done my part to keep the game alive.

  3. Feel the same basically, besides RvR there isn't much to do. I ended up spending 10 minutes jumping over a passageway today..talk about compulsive ticks to keep you busy :P

  4. lol Had... yeah having a couple of days break but looking to get some nice smush going again. Sometimes even a couple of days does the mind good. I might even break out my Choppa for a bit... but.. gah, can't really justify it when Lokkie is still 81 :(

    Anyway to Gigelica... C'mon n fight solo then ya git :D *waves choppa menacingly*

  5. When nothing left to do, then that means its time to go and play with boobies. :-)

  6. Well..

    Since i haven't been on ( health reasons ect) it really made me wanna get back to war and kick some arse.

    But like all things i think the grind effects every one and i think most people can argee on that.But the general game burn out that every one suffers from when things feel the same..

    Dont get me wrong i still play war because i enjoy it but when you been playing war for 2 years + 1 year Beta then all things feel the same after to long..

    So in my mind its a good thing what happend so i had to take a break from the game and the guys in Executed i have great respect for (Yea i'm missing them sods)

    But i'm all so missing the battles lokax you above all people will hopefully understand(Oh btw i haven't forgott i want my bloody 1 on 1 fight still)

    But any way its one of the things every long time player suffers from so keep your chin up git face

  7. Oh year before i forgett i hope you a merry christmas lokax mate and i will see you in war next year