Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Do you play through your mind, or your characters?

Not long after I put my picture up the other night I had a conversation.. With myself.. In my head... Gork (or possibly Mork) was speaking to me...

"That picture is at the warcamp, why did you die there?"
"I charged in"
"Why? You got killed"
"I'm an Orc"
"No you're not, you just gave some free renown to the hundred order camping the warcamp"
"Yer right... I is a black orc and I dun run from no-one, specially dem stunties..."

Or so it roughly went. I really only play Lokax, so to me he is my only character. He has developed his own personality and likes/dislikes as I have. He can be quite impatient though tends to get bored quickly and is utterly fearless (but not stupid) having no regard for his own safety so long as he can put some 'urtin' on his foes. He remembers waking up after a battle against some stunties in the warcamp with a big metal plate on his skull and the desire for more pain. Ever since then he believes he's on a Waaagh from Gork (or possibly Mork) to get stuck in and do some bashin'.

I don't roleplay to the extent where I talk like an Orc, I'll quite happily talk as I normally would but do enjoy flipping into Orcy chat mode (especially in region chats) but I do play him differently from how I would any other character I've had. I enjoy getting into the Orcy mind, it's vastly more entertaining than the mind of a Chosen or Witch Elf (in my opinion). It's slightly off the wall and can make playing the game a lot more fun.

Of course, if I change to my Shaman (all 16 levels of him) then I have a completely different mind set, he's scared of large numbers of enemies, is absolutely terrified of bears but should he be with his best friend out in the wilds then he'll give anything a shot.. Until it starts to look bad...

When you log in your character to play, is it the character or the player that you see in the screen.

For me... I see Lokax and I get ready to unleash the



  1. I can totally relate.

    I relate my characters to myself as well, but for some reason ONLY my greenskin ones. I'm not a huge roleplayer either, but for some reason GreenySpeak is just hilariously funny to me, so it's really not hard for me to get lost in Nimboo or Urps personality in Region Chat... or (much to the chagrin of my guildies) guild chat. ;D

    (Nothing like your husband having to remind you repeatedly that no, you are NOT on an RP server, and no, not everyone appreciates the hilarity I happen to find talking in Cockney type slang about shineys and teef in a public medium!)

    I never would roleplay as Vinda... there just isn't anything there to roleplay. I mean, I guess I could be all evil and spooky in text, but... it's just not the same. Greenskin "attitude" is part of what got me to roll one to begin with, and now that I have, I am utterly hooked.

  2. Aye, I'm sure the healers in our guild die a little bit inside everytime they see Lokax charge into the warband of Order by himself.

    I might be disabled, dotted, knocked down, dotted more and killed, but in my minds eye, Lokax is warming into the middle of them getting punches, chops and kicks off before he's swarmed and brought down. The once the pile has moved off, he stands up, dusts himself down and charges off looking for more fighting.

    Ah, good ol' Orcy.

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